The Gasworks is probably best known for the iconic Alliance building (which is separately managed to the rest of the development by The Lansdowne Partnership). Before this corner of Dublin 4 was turned into apartments, it was owned by Bord Gáis, who sold the site for development in the mid-1990s.

The science behind the gasometer is detailed here, and the frame the Alliance apartments are surrounded by was built in 1885 by Samuel Cutler & Sons from the Isle of Dogs in London. Cutler built many of London’s gasometers also. Today the Alliance itself is home to 210 apartments, while the other blocks (which are managed by RFPM) contain a total of 414 apartments.

The other blocks are The Poolbeg, The Camden, The Pigeon Houses, The Clayton, The Hibernian, The Bligh and The Dickens.

The Bligh in this case is William Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame! He left his mark – in every sense – on Dublin by designing the North Bull Wall, which had the effect of creating the North Bull Island. The Dickens is named after Charles Dickens, who visited Dublin and referred to Ringsend in some of his writings. The Hibernian needs little by way of explanation, Poolbeg and The Pigeon Houses would be known to anyone who has visited the docklands. The Camden, like several other areas of Dublin (such as Camden Street in Dublin 2) is named after Marquess Camden, the former Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (in the same way that the nearby Lansdowne Road and Shelbourne Road are named after the first Marquess of Lansdowne, who was also the Earl of Shelbourne). The Clayton is possibly named after Robert Clayton, the 17th century politician and merchant banker.


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